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See Your Dream Home Come to Live

See Your Dream Home Come to Life
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Our Services

At YC Design, we can help you achieve the dream home you envision no matter what type of home and what condition it is



We understand your need for space and we know HDB regulations can turn your plans upside down. Our experienced team is equipped to advise you on maximising space efficiency, improving airflow and natural lighting, all through the use of clever design and custom carpentry, while keeping in-line with HDB rules.



Our designers are able to work within the existing spaces and fixtures in your home, to maximise your storage space, optimising your living spaces, and even enhancing the value of your home when you are ready to sell.



From interior design to landscaping, our team has the expertise to deliver on all your design needs for your landed home. Seeking to display your collection of vintage wines or antique collectables? We can incorporate your passions into your home design.

About Us

We are your trusted partner in residential interior design.

We make it our responsibility to turn your visions into reality, and manage your renovation every step of the way, from start to finish. Our designers are specialists in their field of design, whether you are looking for a Scandinavian, Industrial, Modern Luxe, Minimalist, or any other design that you might have in mind. Our designers can also recommend designs for you, based on your requirements.

Let us make your dream home come alive together.



Making good home design accessible to all, professionally, reliably & affordably.   


We want to be your trusted partner for all your home renovation needs.

Are you ready to improve your space?